Does it seem as though the only thing your teenage son ever wants to do is play video games or be online?

Do you feel like he's drifting away?

Do you sometimes worry about him being socially isolated?

Do you wish he had someone trustworthy to help sort through the complexities of teenage years?


Hi! I'm Ari Andersen. 

I’ve worked with teens since leaving college, where I studied diplomacy and international relations. I ran Youth Outreach for Marianne Williamson’s Congressional campaign, started a Malibu-based mentorship program for teenagers, helped lead teen mindfulness retreats, and now host a critically-acclaimed podcast, Millennials Don’t Suck, which aims to counter the narrative about the millennial generation being entitled and self-centered by showcasing the positive change young people are creating all over the world. 

I’ve also seen in my own life how valuable great mentorship and the guidance of someone older who isn’t my parent can be, having studied Taoist philosophy, meditation, and Kung Fu for the last three and a half years with a world-renowned Taoist master. 

One of the things I’ve most enjoyed about working with young people is seeing the difference that can be made in a young person’s life if just one other human being sees who they really are. 

To that end, I’ve put together a pilot virtual mentoring program, and I only am looking to work with five individuals, so space is extremely limited. I’ve found that teens are often more willing to be honest and vulnerable virtually than they are in person, and although this isn’t ideal long-term, to start we must meet them where they are most comfortable. 

The beauty of this is that I am able to work with anyone in the world, no matter where they are! 

"My son is almost 14 and was in a place of being a bit of a follower, struggling to honor his own ideas, insecure in being "different", and avoiding personal responsibility for his own actions and feelings.  (Typical for his age!!) In just 4 weeks I began to see a shift of deeper listening, self initiative, better self care, and honoring his own feelings. He has continued to grow in many ways these past few weeks.  


"Ari is an absolutely incredible role model and mentor for boys.  He inspires these young men to be the best they can be…and is shaping them into community leaders and future mentors. What an incredible experience for young men!”


"All too often we're thought of as apathetic, self-centered, and on a fast-track to failure, but California-natives Ari Andersen and Matthew Little are on a quest to prove that Millennials Don't Suck. At 22 episodes and counting, their titular podcast illuminates an alternative reality, one far closer to the truth. Recorded out of Andersen's home in East Los Angeles, he seeks out and exhibit the "community-driven content" that is both coming from and serving the world's diverse communities of young people."

-Creator's Project -- VICE